Your smartphone can read books for you


Oftentimes we remain busy with more imminent tasks in hand and we end up forgetting about the book we have just started to read. Your smartphone can read books for you, so find out how to activate the feature.

Falling asleep at night can be terribly difficult for me unless I have something interesting to read. However, when I need someone to read for me, my smartphone becomes a necessity.

Those are the moments I decide to activate the read-aloud feature. So scroll down to find out how.


The first thing is to ensure that the Google app’s text-to-speech is installed on your device. The next step is to go to:

Settings> Accessibility 

You are likely to find the speech bubble icon on top of the screen. So either tap on a specific portion of the text or brush your finger against the screen for the information to be heard.


Being an Android user, finding out about iOS’s “read-aloud” service was never an option for me until my best friend found out that I was listening to an e-book through my Amazon Echo.

My best friend, on the other hand, has no intention to switch to Android; as a result, my search began once again on how to activate the read-aloud feature on iOS.

iPhones, on the other hand, offer two options called Speak Selection or Speak Screen that you can activate by:

Settings> General Accessibility

Speech with speak selection allows users to select a particular text first before making an iPhone read, and Apple has made the whole process quite simpler than that of Android.

A user simply needs to swipe down the screen from above using two fingers for listening to everything that appears on the screen.

I hope the information given above has served your purpose well, or at least, it now enables the lazy ones to simply hear using the voice-based command support.

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Image Source: GoodeReader