Why app-based startups often fail? A checklist for investors


Have you ever wondered why app-based startups often fail? If you’re planning to invest in an app, then you need to be aware of these common reasons for its demise.

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Keep your friends close and your enemies closer…

Innovative ideas will simply remain an idea unless worked upon for real; therefore, a proper team is mandatory.

Secondly, the app must be able to solve a common problem, which is why Pathao is an ingenious concept!


UBER also failed in China, find out why.

The next BIG QUESTION is…


Will your customers keep using your app after downloading it… and for how long?

The worst case scenario could be deleting the app entirely. Therefore, build an app through which you can deliver real VALUE to your customers.

It’s the same old sh**

… be original!

We have an overwhelming number of startups emerging today than ever before! As a result, if you’re also planning to step into this business, it’s best to find out about your competitors.

Careful analysis of your competitors will reveal their true strengths and weaknesses.

Once the weaknesses are ticked off, it’s time to build your brand while flashing your uniqueness to the world.


Remind your customers about the unique VALUE(s) you’re promising them.

The app must be friendly with all devices (iOS and Android), tablet, laptop…everyone!

Sorry about over dramatizing it, but yes, your app has to be smartphone friendly for both iOS and Android.

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Pathao has been terribly frustrating in the past few weeks, which led me to find an alternative called OBHAI for beating the traffic.

There were times when my biker and I had to wait under the hideous sun heat on a summer noon before the app could start the timer.

Hopefully, the Bangabandhu-1 Satellite will solve the internet crisis still persisting in our country due to lack of internet servers.

More importantly, while designing the app one must keep the differences between the intuitive gestures for both iOS and Android devices; otherwise, little frustrations from your users can ruin your potential entirely.

What do the users feel about your app?


Reviews from customers are the blood source for freemium apps. Intelligent customers are likely to check the reviews of customers/users of an app before downloading it.

Make sure you’re frequently reminding the existing users to rate and leave a review of their apps.

Furthermore, reviews from the users will reveal all the possible bugs in an app for wiping them entirely.

Release the beta version of your app only among the people that have worked overnight for building it; as a result, more loopholes will surface until the perfect version of the app is made for end users.


Responding to each of the queries and reviews left by users on Apple and Google Play Stores is equally essential for app-based startups to succeed so, customer support is mandatory.

Know when to cut the supply…

If your startup is meant for delivering a service to customers, then it must be fed for free initially. The free money motivates users to use your apps as much as possible.

User retention rate shows the usage frequency of your app; therefore, you will easily find out the exact number of times the app is being used all over the globe.

When the demand goes up, the time is perfect for introducing in-app-purchase options. It’s similar to Tinder for “boosting” option.

So that’s all I believe to be the primary reasons for a startup’s failure. Hopefully, you will love ForgePortal even more for giving honest opinions.

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