What?Watch: Unique smartwatch for capturing the best moments of life!


I always longed for a unique smartwatch that would take away the need for a smartphone separately.

Special moments in life often happen when we are not prepared, and sadly, we fail to capture them.

Until I found out aboutWhat?Watch”, a Vienna- based company that has designed a trendy smartwatch, which allows the wearer to save the best moments of his life.
And of course, it also lets you share them on social media.


An interactive and dedicated app

The latest smartwatch Moment is yet to take away the need for a smartphone completely. The app required for sharing your best moments captured using this smartwatch needs a smartphone in order to operate.

The app allows your contacts to interact with your saved moments while simultaneously notifying you when needed.

Designs to choose from:

This gorgeous Monograph of the smartwatch with a red button for taking photos is embedded above the crown.

It has five distinct designs to choose from depending on your taste with prices starting from $124 and onwards.

The Next Web

Yes, I love it already…

but do you like the “What?Watch”?

This is a smartwatch that not only takes away the need for a smartphone but also saves you from awkward moments that usually arise while capturing a perfect photo.

You’re about to kiss your partner for the first time when you abruptly ask her to wait as you need to bring out your phone for capturing that heart throbbing moment!

Nonetheless, place your order now and I can assure you this is where class and taste have met technology to present something entirely appealing for the first time.

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