Top 5 innovative startups dominating in Bangladesh

The emergence of the internet in Bangladesh has given various types of opportunities to proliferate. The startup culture in today’s Digital Bangladesh is also solving everyday problems for us more effectively than ever before.

Let’s find out the top 5 innovative startups currently dominating the market.


Traffic congestion is one of the major issues causing our economy to lose an estimated amount of $12bil every year! And in order save yourself from arduously long hours of being stuck in traffic, download the Pathao app now.

The concept of Pathao is similar to that of Uber, but if you don’t want to be late for work, I believe only a motorbike can take you the fastest anywhere in Dhaka.

I think the concept is absolutely brilliant; however, its server problems are quite frequent these days. Pathao must mandate helmet for its users, just like wearing a seatbelt on cars.



Have you ever felt the need for blood?

Well, I am not calling you a vampire, but for human beings, this urgency usually arises during the most unexpected times.

BloodBot is an Ai (artificial intelligence) that uses geolocation functionality for tracking blood donors. You can always communicate with it via Messenger and it will connect you with an individual willing to donate blood.


Situations at times can confound us, so simply connect with RedBot for leads now.

Planning to move into your new house, but can’t find anyone reliable for help?

Download app through which you will be able to hire trained individuals along with pickup trucks for relocation.

In case if you’re looking for a reliable electrician or a mechanic for fixing any of your household appliances, Sheba.XYZ can be an effective medium too.



For families that need a dedicated support for monthly grocery shopping, Chaldal is another ingeniously designed app meant to carry out the purpose.

Simply input your order details and house address, and a Chaldal representative will deliver the groceries to your doorstep within few minutes.

Keep in mind that the price for the vegetables displayed on Chaldal is slightly larger than the usual market price. I don’t mind paying extra, but those representatives must treat customers with utmost respect.



The first e-commerce with an outlet (Shadmart Experience) showcasing over 80mil products online!

Their unique selling point is not only their massive product lines but also the time it takes for delivering your product all the way from China in just 14 days!

Their products are outstanding; however, their prices are comparatively more expensive than that of its competitors in Bangladesh.


These are the top 5 innovative startups in Bangladesh that are dominating this industry right now. If you think I have left out any, feel free to share via comments underneath.

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