Slidenjoy – Add two screens on one laptop


Have you ever felt the need of an extra pair of screen peripheral that can turn your laptop into a three screen monitor?

Surely, there are apps like the Duet, but it’s not particularly useful whenever switching between multiple tabs is necessary.

Well now you have SlidenJoy, a portable solution for doubling or even tripling the viewing capacity of your laptop!

If you’re an individual that needs to attend several meetings a day at different locations, the device can make life easier.

There are adhesive magnets so that you’re able to attach it to the back of your monitor. And that’s not all, you can even slide out two 1080p LCD panels from either side and place them at different angles on a table.

As a matter of fact, you can rotate the screens separately by 180°; hence, making it convenient for everyone to watch your presentation.

Simply connect it to a USB 3.0 or two 2.0 ports on your PC, and voila!

Whenever working from home, you can keep your little ones engaged with Toy Story while you can peacefully keep working on the proposal that’s due tonight.

The device will soon be available in three distinct sizes – 
13, 15 and 17 inches, and weighing between 1.8 and 3.5 ounces depending on the size.

The only downside is the cost of the monitor. You can get a single 16-inch panel for $216 and a double screen at $324.
The price is likely to rise after the Kickstarter Campaign will be over.

Think about it, if Walton is able to assemble Primo E8i components today in Bangladesh, then assembling SlidenJoy could be done here as well.

The price will rise immediately after the campaign is over, so place your order right away!


Moreover, you can choose from three different categories – regular, premium and limited editions.
Available also in wide variety of colors including turquoise, dark wood, aluminum and even leather.

The limited edition will be coated in carbon fiber or full grain leather, with only 500 pieces to be made.

This ingenious device can be truly invaluable for designers, gamers, photographers and developers alike.

For web/app development:

A developer can easily program on the central screen as well perform tests on the other screens at the same time.


For designers that need three screen monitor:

Yes, having a client’s hand constantly blocking your sight can be irritating.
That is exactly why you need to place one LCD panel in front of a client so you could work as well as follow her instruction without losing your sh**.


For Studios:

Insufficient work space can hurt the productivity rate of a worker; therefore, a triple screen monitor by SlidenJoy can be used for mixing, editing and display altogether at the same time!

Having a three screen monitor can hike your efficiency rate by almost double, and it has been proven by researchers already.


Future possibilities:

Another special three screen monitor designed particularly for desktop users.
The adhesive magnets will be available with additional batteries to your laptop.

The Team:

A Belgian team and founders Thomas, Charlee and Laurent worked together on a project called Tender2 mainly focusing on a hotel located in Knokke.

Thomas, Charlee, Laurent

The same individuals came up with the project idea for SlidenJoy.
The team continues to work together even today diligently.