Top 6 tech startups of Northern England


When it comes to tech, the market has been dominated by the US for quite a long time; however, the world is yet unaware of these top 6 tech startups based out of Great Britain, especially in the north.

I have a strong belief that if any of the following startup concepts could be applied to today’s Digital Bangladesh, it can open newer opportunities in the tech industry.

I believe the following tech startups have the capacity to shatter conventional business models, and will slowly alter the course of human lineage with time.

Reason Digital


Based in Manchester

Established in 2008

Number of employees 40

Reason Digital primarily shares its ideas and resources with other charities in the UK; moreover, its main objective is to eradicate poverty and formidable diseases such as HIV, cancer, and diabetes.

Sentric Music

sentric-music-forgeportalBased in Liverpool

Established in 2006

Number of employees 11 – 50

The Sentric Music is a platform for over 80,000 musicians; both professional and amateur who can release their songs without experiencing complications often arise during the launch of music albums.



Based in Liverpool

Established in 2015

Number of employees 12

SwapBots are the makers of augmented reality (AR) toys that can “come to life” through a smartphone or a tab screen. For creating an AR game, a device needs to be directed towards a physical toy.

Tyres on the Drive


Based in Holmes Chapel

Founded in 2011

Number of employees 50 – 100

Too busy to change leaked tires of your car, the Tyres on the Drive will enable you to call a car mechanic who will alter the car tires and sort out any minor issue(s) involved. The company has managed to secure large grants from other companies last year.

Rockstar Northrockstar_north_forgeportal

Based in Leeds

Founded 1997

Number of Employees 900

If you’re a gamer, then I am sure you have played Grand Theft Auto (GTA) or at least heard of it. The GTA series has its own studio in Leeds that developed L.A Noire and Grand Theft Auto V video game series.



Based in York

Founded in 2006

Number of Employees 600+

Anaplan is a software developing company for assisting other enterprises to come up with innovative business processes and solutions. Its current list of clients includes P&G, HP, and Aviva. The company has another branch located in San Francisco and it has strong ties with the computer science department of the York University. The founders have always known each other from the beginning of Anaplan.

These are our top 6 tech startups that have attained remarkable fame over the years. Despite having not as many resources or expertise as that of the tech startups based in America, it’s only a matter of time before the Englishmen outperform the Colonizers eventually.

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