The solution for question paper leakage before board examinations


It’s utterly disappointing as well as a matter of grave concern for Bangladesh. Education is the backbone of a society; henceforth, a proper solution for question paper leakage is imminent.

I have discussed here a concept similar to what Dell has already implemented. I believe a complete reform in our existing examination process is the only solution for a proper exam!

Question paper leakage could be solved only if there’s no hard paper!

The emergence of Digital Bangladesh has the potential to solve various challenges hindering the growth of our economy every day.

How about the candidates answer everything on a virtual answer script? When there’s no hard paper, there’s no question paper leak.

What if there is only one copy of a question paper that is stored on a pen drive upon completion, and it must not have a hard copy!


Keep in mind that the question paper will be stored on a special pen drive locked away in a secure chamber prior to the day of an exam.

Upon inserting the pen drive into the main computer by the head examiners, the question will reveal automatically for the first time to all the candidates just like the picture above.

Using the stylus the examinees will need to write answers on the virtual paper that will appear behind the smart screen.question-paper-leakage-forgeportal

In addition to a smart screen, an embedded front camera can detect eye movements of every student; therefore, even if a candidate tries to cheat or look at someone else’s paper, the head invigilator will get notified.

After the second warning, the virtual answer script will become inaccessible for few minutes to any candidate that fails to comply. When there’s no paper, there will be no leakage either.

The engineering of such smart desks, particularly for the board examinations will solve question paper leakage completely. As this is still a concept idea, feel free to add your thoughts in the comments section below.

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