Smartphone usage tricks that you may need to consider


Ever wondered how you’ll be keeping calm while remaining stuck in traffic? The most probable answer is likely to be “I have my iPhone X” or “Android”, but what if it gets dysfunctional one day, or you accidentally drop it in a puddle?

The latest smartphones have remarkable longevity unless you don’t propel it out of rage. Trust me, you’ll only regret afterward.

Scroll down if you want to save that precious device, or at least to save all your favorite pictures and other valuable information from getting permanently lost!


Rule number 1:

Always maintain a backup storage of your stored files.

Smartphones may crash abruptly, and the crash is likely going to wipe out its entire memory. Thankfully, you can always sync your smartphone to your personal email address of 15GB memory space!

Rule number 2:

A cracked screen is a common mishap; therefore, spend an extra hundred on a screen protector in case your phone slips out of your grip.

smart-screen-crack-forgeportal offers durable screen protectors with outstanding sensitivity.

Rule number 3:

I learned this rule the hard way. 

After I was asked to resign by my past employer, I was ready to exchange my salary for the laptop they had provided me during my employment (yes, I know it was theirs, but it also had information worth more than my salary).

Thankfully, using Google Drive I could easily recover my 2 years of extensive research and other important information before returning it.

Rule number 4:


This rule is pretty obvious as you see it every time while unlocking your phone.

The lock screen must have an emergency contact number or an email address so that it can be returned to its actual owner if it gets lost.

Do you have any other rules to add? Feel free to let us know.

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