Smartphone addiction could be bad, this is how you handle it


If you’re one of those individuals that frequently checks his smartphone every five minutes, then continue reading this if you want the right cure for smartphone addiction.

Larry Rosen, a professor of psychology and the author of “The Distracted Mind” said,

“We’ve built up this layer of anxiety surrounding our use of technology, that if we don’t check in as often as we think we should, we’re missing out.”

The professor’s research revealed that apart from raising the level of anxiety, the habit also leads to distraction while at work; henceforth, poor work performance.addiction-to-smartphone-forgeportal

Now, if you’re really looking for the right solution to this problem, these are the practices I have adopted for quitting my addiction to the smartphone.

Maintaining a schedule to cure phone addiction:

The first and basic method Rosen suggested is by actually setting alarm for how often you check your phone.

Start off with 10 minutes and then raise to 30 minutes and then one hour. Follow the sound of your adjusted alarm for checking notification(s) that may arise on your phone.

Let your loved ones know about this newly adopted practice of yours in case they might get mad.

Switching off push notifications

It’s not important to get notified about every “Like” on Instagram or posts your friends upload. Therefore, the best practice is to turn off the push notifications for as many apps as possible by heading to

Settings > Notifications


Honestly, I have stopped using Instagram entirely despite having almost 1k followers.

Keeping the distracting apps off the home screen:

Needless to mention that social media apps are terribly distracting, and it’s best not to keep them on the home screen of your smartphone.

The worst part is, we subconsciously tap into these apps and end up wasting countless hours simply by scrolling down …down…and down…

There are productive apps for reading or learning things, so better if you keep those on your home screen for personal development.

Keeping your smartphone off the bed:

While going to sleep, make sure you are not going to bed with your phone. And if you need to wake up to the alarm early morning, keep your phone away from the bed.


As a result, when the alarm rings in the morning, you actually get off the bed for switching it off.


Download apps like the Moment or QualityTime:

Want to find out how well these apps are closely inspecting your smartphone habit?

Download either of the apps (Moment or QualityTime) for setting your usage goal and how effectively you’re maintaining it.

Turning on the grayscale of your smartphone could also help get rid of your smartphone addiction.

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