Few Kick-ass Tips to Protect Your WiFi from Hackers


As the internet is slowly gaining popularity, there is a greater risk today as we are leaving trails of personal information online.

Quite a few of us are actually aware of unethical activities online, which is why I am sharing these effective tips that can protect your WiFi. One must realize that ignoring his/her personal Wi-Fi security is similar to having no padded locks; thus, leaving it open for thieves and robbers alike.

You can also read a few tips on using the Internet safely and responsibly. wifi-logo

Enable WPA2:

This is the first measure one must consider right after buying their first router.

It cloaks your entire system and the feature is only available in the latest routers, which are a thousand times more secure than the archaic WEP or Wired Equivalent Privacy security.

Strong SSID Network Name:

Refrain from using router’s default network names like D-link or Netgear.

Hackers are equipped with highly advanced tools like the rainbow table, thus enabling them to invade one’s network by using your default SSID name.

Use a strong password:online-privacy-forgeportal

Simply by adding a character to your password and combining it with an array of both uppercase and lowercase letters the strength of your password will rise significantly.

Also, you should check out this list of common passwords right now, if your existing password falls under the list, change it right away!

Enable Firewall of your router:

Utilize the firewall of your router if you have it. This is a built-in protection device of your router that obscures the presence of your router from the view trespassers on your network.

New and improved routers are equipped with “stealth mode” firewalls.

Switch off UPnP

The universal plug and play feature automatically connects all your internet devices available within the range of your router.

Therefore, switch it off so you get to protect your Wifi from hackers.

Allow Logging Feature:login-attempts-limited

The logging function in your router will save the number of attempts any user has taken to gain connection.

The feature can save all the IP addresses; as a result, allowing you to see the number of attempts it took a specific IP to connect with your Wifi.

Therefore, you can easily figure out who is trying to gain unauthorized access to your router so you can protect your Wifi.

Add VPN:

Now this will come in with an additional expense, but it can save all your private and valuable data from prying eyes online.

This works by shielding the location of your WiFi router, and most importantly, it creates its own firewall to secure your network completely.

Check for WiFi CERTIFIED:

This means that a particular WiFi meets the highest standard in terms of security and data protection. wifi-certified-forgeportal

The latest WPA3 according to the tech giants such as the Microsoft, Intel, and Qualcomm will be adding four new security features for maintaining privacy.

Turn Off Remote Admin:

Hackers will often penetrate your WiFi network remotely; hence, you should disable the remote admin feature to protect your WiFi.

Simply open your router setup panel and look for the admin. Check off remote administration, and only by using a computer you can change the settings back to enable remote administration.

Filter Devices:

Before you start connecting more and more devices to your network, allow your router to check for individual MAC addresses for each of your devices.

Click on the router setup to open the DHCP table on which you simply need to paste your approved list of devices’ MAC addresses. As a result, devices that do not fall under the list will no longer be able to connect to the network.

The Internet is truly one of the marvels of human civilization so far. And just like the real world that is filled with destructive forces, the Internet isn’t completely safe either.

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