Pathao vs Obhai: choose your next ride to beat the traffic!

Pathao has been a brilliant concept to date, which has made traveling incredibly faster in our capital city called Dhaka. Let’s find out who is going to win the battle between Pathao vs OBhai in terms of the services and added values for passengers like us.

The app has completely solved the trouble for passengers since they no longer need to wait for public transports or experience the terrible sensation on public buses due to congestion.

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There are other similar apps available for FREE on the Play Store now, and I tried OBHAI for the first time using OBHAI242 referral code for Tk 50 discount!

Their app has a specific option called “Share Ride” to facilitate a sharing economy in Bangladesh.


You can share the next car ride with 4 people

An overwhelming number of choices…!

Pathao’s food delivery service will undoubtedly become more popular with time due to an increasing number of emerging startups in Bangladesh right now; as a result, more employees are likely to order food for lunch without stepping outside their offices for consuming unhealthy food.

Use the code “LOVEPATHAO” for free food delivery within any part of the Dhaka city!

Use this F9YLX referral code so we both could enjoy discounts on our next rides using Pathao!

OBHAI, on the other hand, is offering a wide range of choices in terms of hailing the right mode of transport. The “Share Ride” option is an added feature with OBhai Gari and OBhai Micro if you’re

USE this RAFAYATUL535 referral code to enjoy the discount on your next ride using OBHAI!

OBHAI is offering you to choose from the following:

  1. OBhai Gari
  2. OBhai Moto
  3. OBhai Bon (for females only)
  4. OBhai Micro
  5. OBhai CNG

depending on your convenience and the number of people willing to travel with you at the same time.

Exciting opportunities for freelance riders!

Besides all the facilities for passengers, both Pathao and OBhai are offering exciting opportunities for freelance riders.


Experienced riders have the opportunity to earn between Tk 12000 – Tk 20,000 per month simply by signing up as registered drivers.


The same applies to signing up with OBhai and riders can earn between Tk 15000 – Tk 20,000.

Use the following promo code:

OBHAI242 and get a discount of TK 50 on your first ride!

Please sign up only if you’re a capable biker and willing to drive responsibly while carrying a passenger in your backseat.

So, what are you waiting for?

Download these apps now for free from the Play Store and reach your desired location faster than that of any mode of transport available.

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