Make money on internet by doing almost nothing!


That’s right, another year has passed and it seemed the days flashed past real fast. With the coming of 2018 and I wish you a Happy New Year, I have written this post to help you make money on internet.

There are “limitless” ways of making money on the internet, but I have discussed a few particular ideas throughout the rest of this article that are working for me.


Always start with easy steps first, which is signing up for paid surveys. This won’t make you rich, but it will get you started. 

Most importantly, financial freedom is not always ensured by working in a 9 to 5 job!

Paid Surveys:

These websites will throw money right in your face for doing nothing, apart from watching few advs and playing video games. Also, find out about apps that really pay you money!


The second method might sound simple, but it’s not. Blogging, if done the right way can make money for you really fast as well as in large numbers! affiliate marketing is one of the ways to start.

CPA or “Cost Per Acquisition” is an extremely well-paid affiliate marketing program that pays you if your traffic “acts” through your website, like signing up for various programs on free trials.

Adwork Media is a good place, to begin with.

These are the apps that pay real money, in exchange for nothing but simply claiming after short intervals. You will need a smartphone and internet for these games and apps.


Free Games and Apps: (Android)

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Free Bitcoin- Satoshi Slots, ETH Meed Faucet (REF1657), LTC Meed Faucet (REF1161), Free Litecoin Miner,, Free Money, PoEarn, RichBTC, Bitcoin Faucet All Free,

Bitcoin Miner, Bitcoin Roulette, Ex Faucets, FreeLitecoin Miner, Mobile Miner, World Series of Poker, Bitconnect – earn, buy, sell, Jazz Ball, QoinPro, Storm Play.

Now before downloading and trying each of these apps on your smartphone, it is important that you’re using my referral codes for each of them. The makers of these apps strictly check for the refer codes first before paying out their users later.

Once again, I must remind you that you won’t become a millionaire by claiming in these apps every after 5 or 10 minutes.

But these can make you feel better thinking that you’re actually earning while you’re stuck in traffic.

I hope these apps will work great for you, in case you might need further help, feel free to drop in the Comment. Stay with ForgePortal for more exciting ways of making money online.

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