iPhone X Features: Useful Tricks You Should Remember


The popularity of the iPhone has reached far beyond the globe and even now, Apple is constantly innovating their product for raising the stake for Android. Check out these useful tricks of the latest iPhone X that will undoubtedly boost your user experience as well as satisfaction levels.


After reading this, you will be surprised to know that some of these hidden features of the latest iPhone X features are really cool!

Look closely at the Attention Detection

The iPhone X does not unlock unless you follow the “Attention Detection” meter.

It’s more like the pattern you drew on your smartphone screen previously, except you will have to simply draw the pattern with your face this time for unlocking your iPhone X. Thankfully, your phone will remain inaccessible even if it gets into the wrong hands.

Turn on the Camera or Flashlight in one press:

iPhone X’s screen size is huge, and it has utilized the space for two additional icons either for camera or flashlight.

Instead of swiping for the camera, you can simply force press it on your iPhone X and start capturing high defined photos.

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Finally, you can turn off the text previews!

Text previews are convenient when your phone is locked; however, I wouldn’t like someone else to read them while my phone isn’t with me. Surprised why Apple took so long to come up with this feature.

Or maybe they did long way back, I guess.

Hey, I am watching you…iPhone-x-face-id-forgeportal

One of the iPhone X features include detecting your engagement level through its Face ID feature and its screen dims the instant you look away from it.

On the contrary, if you’re already using your phone then it automatically reduces notification alerts as it will already know that you’ve been using the device. You can turn it off entirely from the Settings to turn off the Face ID feature.

Multi-task multi-task and multi-task!

When switching from one app to the next feels too tiresome, you can simply swipe the screen from left or right.
iPhone X is remarkably faster and quite instinctive about gestures from users.

Turn on the Border Crossing modeiphone-x-sides-forgeportal

Simply disable the entire Face ID function by pressing its sleep/wake button five times.
This could be handy during crossing borders or if there’s a possibility for someone else to unlock your iPhone X.

You have to prod Siri in order to wake her up…

Siri will no longer respond unless you press and hold its sleep/wake button. It’s like, you’re literally pressing her hard for her attention.

Furthermore, iPhone X’s wallet app can be accessed by double-pressing its sleep/wake button embedded on the side. These are the coolest features I have found out about the latest iPhone X.

If you think I have missed anything significant, please leave a comment below.

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