Top 10 Innovative Startups Dominating in Bangladesh


The emergence of the internet in Bangladesh has opened multiple opportunities to thrive. The startup culture in today’s Digital Bangladesh is also solving everyday problems for us more effectively than ever before.

Let’s find out the top 10 innovative startups in Bangladesh, and they are currently dominating the market.



Traffic congestion is a major problem that’s costing us an estimated $12bil every year!
Therefore, a group of young minds then came up with the perfect solution to help us overcome traffic using the Pathao app.

The concept of Pathao is similar to that of Uber; however, there’s now Pathao Car, Pathao Food, and Pathao Pay too. I think the concept is absolutely brilliant; however, its server problems are quite frequent these days.

Moreover, Pathao must mandate helmet for passengers, I wonder if the company is providing any form of incentives for passengers following a bike accident.


Have you ever felt the need for blood?

Accidents on roads are quite frequent these days, which is why BloodBot is here for connecting you with blood donors in Dhaka.

BloodBot is an automatic chatbot (artificial intelligence) that uses geolocator for tracking donors. You can always communicate with it via Messenger and it will connect you with individuals willing to donate blood. Situations at times can confound us, so simply connect with RedBot for leads now.

Planning to move into your new house, but can’t find anyone reliable?

Download app through which you will be able to hire trained individuals along with pickup trucks for transporting your household items across the Dhaka city.

In case you’re looking for a reliable electrician or a mechanic to fix your household appliances, Sheba.XYZ can be an effective medium.



For families that need a dedicated support for monthly grocery shopping, Chaldal is another ingeniously designed app meant to carry out the purpose.

Simply input your order details and house address, and a Chaldal representative will deliver the groceries to your doorstep within a few minutes. Keep in mind that the price for the vegetables displayed on Chaldal is slightly larger than the usual market price. I don’t mind paying extra, but those representatives must treat customers with utmost respect.



The first e-commerce with an outlet (Shadmart Experience) showcasing over 80mil products online!

Their unique selling point is not only their massive product lines but also the time it takes for delivering your product all the way from China in just 14 days! Their products are outstanding; however, their prices are comparatively more expensive than that of its competitors in Bangladesh.


These are the top 5 innovative startups in Bangladesh that are dominating this industry right now. If you think I have left out any, feel free to share via comments underneath.


If you love cooking delicious meals then sign up with FoodPeon today to promote your kitchen all over the Dhaka city. On the other hand, if you love to gobble down food, then it’s time that you ditch the unhealthy food right now as FoodPeon brings you mouth-watering meals prepared intensively to ensure hygiene.

This emerging startup has developed a platform for anyone who is a cooking enthusiast, and on top of that, you will have the opportunity to promote your kitchen as well as make extra money by signing up as a cook. They are offering a corporate lunch menu at Tk99; also, taking orders for parties and other special events.


Parking Koi:

Finding a reliable and safe spot to park your car around the Dhaka city can be precarious sometimes, which is why you can download the app called Parking Koi. Through the app, you can locate every spot that lets you park your vehicle {usually apartments}.

There are plenty of available spaces in the parking area of apartments, and the app allows you to find out these empty spots through Google Maps within the 5 km radius around your car.

With this app, I believe you can go away anywhere for as long as you want without even worrying about whether your car is in a single piece or not.



Although there are hundreds of messaging apps available on the Play Store already; however, there haven’t been one till today through which movie stars like Sunny Leone and Nargis Fakhri chose to go Live with.

The app allows you to exchange messages, share files, watch videos and even wipe those data off the server too if you have to. When the entire nation is slowly turning into a cashless economy, ringID brings you its latest digital wallet to ensure fast and secure transaction online, pretty cool, eh?



The so-called “Netflix” of Bangladesh with a gigantic list of library having 30K different on-demand songs, videos, movies, and exciting TV shows.

Through this app, the plan is to make video-based contents easily accessible, though I wonder if there’ll be any parental restriction to prevent underage views.

So far it’s the most promising venture that has its app still in the beta-testing phase already having more than 125 million downloads.

If you’re bored during the holidays, simply tune in to Bongo and experience some amazingly creative and original video series.

10 Minute School:10-minute-school-forgeportal

Education is no longer limited to the privileged ones, especially with the Internet becoming widely accessible across the developing nations worldwide.

10 Minute School is a one-stop solution for students seeking guidance before their examinations, either HSC, University admission or skill development, you are bound to get useful information there to upgrade your skillsets.

Furthermore, this is a platform where you can showcase your talent or idea to gain exposure and even funding required to make that idea happen.

Regardless of so many variations, I would still go for Khan Academy over any other online schools.

These are our hand-picked top 10 innovative startups in Bangladesh with amazing potential to bring in drastic changes to our lifestyle. If you think I have missed out any other highly advanced and ingenious business startup, please mention in the comments below.

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