How to delete a Facebook account completely without leaving a trace?


Planning to get rid of your Facebook account entirely?

I have been thinking of doing the same lately, yet I kept pondering on how much personal information Facebook will keep revealing even after deleting my account?

Before permanently deactivating an account, we recommend users to download every bit of personal data from Facebook first.

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The following list of information might appall you realizing the vast amount of information Facebook has in store.


Facebook archives, contains information about your account, photos, activity, chat logs, different IP addresses, your facial recognition and even the ads you’ve had clicked throughout the time.

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And it’s an overwhelming number of personal data on you that must be barred from having access to, especially for the third parties.

For downloading the archive, click on “Settings” and click “Download a copy of your Facebook data.”

There’s “General Account Settings” and subsequently, click over “Start My Archive.”

After the downloading is complete, you could permanently delete your FB account. However, keep in mind that once removed, it’ll be impossible to recover an account.

The account termination will take place in a few days during which you must not login to your account.

Otherwise, the deletion of your Facebook account will stop processing resulting in following the same set of procedures once more.


Few things such as your comments left on a friend’s activity will remain visible even after deleting your FB profile, as it states keeping few copies of your log records in the database.

It can take up to 90 days for permanently closing an account; moreover, a report will always remain inaccessible by others during this period.

It’s worth a reminder concerning how Facebook has control over Instagram as well as WhatsApp; hence, deleting those accounts could be necessary too.

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