Google and Levi’s designed the first ever smart jacket


Smartphones are common, but I have also noticed a significant rise in the number of wearables today, especially smart watch.

But did you know about Levi’s Commuter X Jacquard by Google? 
The latest Trucker Jacket allows you to connect your smartphone via Bluetooth. All you have to do is simply brush against the cuff of the jacket to either answer phone calls, get directions or change tracks while cycling.

Google and Levi’s introduces the latest Jacquard!

As the tech mammoths today are constantly racing to build the next great innovation, Google decides to spice up the competition by bringing in the latest Levi’s trucker jacket.

The unlikely collaboration between the two entities has given birth to a new breed of wearable technology.

Have you ever thought of these businesses each specializing in entirely different industries would ever join forces?

Levi’s Commuter Trucker Jacket by Google

So what’s the real hype about this jacket?

This jacket has been designed specifically for cyclists to help them to commute within a city.


Connecting a snap tag into the sleeve of the fabric enables the wearer to be aware of incoming notifications on his phone for interaction without taking eyes off the street while cycling.

This flexible snap tag is the underlying technology for interacting using different motion patterns.



Trust me, it doesn’t even look flashy at all (unless during incoming notification) and feels like any other ordinary denim jackets in your closet.

Customizing the Jacquard app with ease

The Jacquard app on the Play Store enables you to set the motion gestures.

You can easily assign as well as reassign these gestures for changing songs, answering calls, GPS navigation and everything a cyclist needs.


Modern fashion infused with tech:

The Levi’s-Google collaboration has given birth to the very first smart clothing/wearable at $350. The whole fusion is made possible using Jacquard threads integrated into finely thin films of alloys.

The synthetic fibers in this jacket are combined with unbelievably thin metal alloys to facilitate connectivity between the Commuter jacket and your phone.


You’re bound to get surprised while experiencing the impeccable integration of this smart wearable jacket using the Jacquard Threads technology. Of course, you can wash it too without hesitation.

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