ForgePortal Services

The reason behind our existence is making people of Bangladesh aware of the latest news on technology and businesses worldwide. In addition to making people realize how fast the world is evolving, we are here to add value to your own business at the same time.

ForgePortal services include:


SEO support –

Are you looking to hire specialists to do SEO for your website? The team’s mission is to come up with uniquely relevant contents (as per your niche) so your business can be indexed by search engines.

Prospects usually refer to Google these days whenever they need to know anything new.

So imagine someone typing in “Best real estate developers in Bangladesh” or perhaps, “Best Thai cuisine in Dhaka.”

Therefore, if you own a website selling or representing either of the two products mentioned above, then Google will list you on the first page.

Our team will carry out in-depth keyword research and create contents for your niche so you become the top priority for search engines.

Social Media Marketing –smm-support-forgeportal

More than 6 billion users on Facebook today are spending a significant period of time, and they are all from Bangladesh.

Our job is to create both text-based contents as well as catchy imageries and share them across social media to attract potential customers.

We have copywriters and graphic designers on our team to help you promote your services with compelling contents.

In case you are also looking for customer support, our team would love to handle your customers on social media such as Facebook.

Web Development –

Although this website is based on a theme yet we are extraordinarily proficient in WordPress with CSS styling.

If you need to build an interactive website for your business, ForgePortal would gladly help to develop the perfect website.

3D Printing –3d-printing-service-forgeportal

You imagine it and let us build it for you.

If you wish to make a product concept, do let us know and we will 3D print the design for you.

For more information on the 3D printing process, please refer to our page here for further details.

For information related to pricing and other details, simply email us with your contact number so we can reach you.