Digital Bangladesh: Innovative and unexplored startup ideas for a better Bangladesh


The birth of “Digital Bangladesh” is the reason why IT and digital agencies are thriving today. And if you’re thinking of launching a startup related to either of these industries, I recommend you to go through the following successful startups successfully operating in various parts of the world.

Also, find out about the startups thriving in northern England.

A3Cube: Lightning speed communications

The startup has developed state of the art computer/storage devices capable of transferring data of unimaginable sizes within seconds!

Moreover, the electricity consumed by such devices is significantly lesser than what we’ve been using until today. Unfortunately, the design is patented with only a limited number of available information.

Steve Luczo, CEO


The maker of Open Source Security Information Management (OSSIM), a widely popular security tool for processing data.

It maintains a forum called “Open Threat Exchange” through which users can have access to insightful information about shielding personal information stored on the internet.

Barmak Meftah, President, and CEO of AlienVault


One can call them the angel investors that provide seed funding for other businesses. Furthermore, Angelspan prepares business reports for other companies to help them survive.

Before commencing a startup, it’s best to learn about the competition prevailing in your desired industry. Businesses often fail due to lack of information about markets.



AplaCare has brought doctors and medical practitioners under a single roof with their software application.

Doctors are able to write prescriptions or other documents for patients with its improved speech recognition function. The app can keep track of individual patients, and the patients can also pay using a dedicated payment getaway integrated into the app.

I believe, an app like this can help millions of people in Bangladesh for weeding out greedy doctors.


Connect Loud:

This startup has designed a software called “uCloud” for helping companies to better organize their users through cloud computing.

The software can automate management activities, secure crucial information, allocate bandwidth according to your need and many more!

A likely disruptive tool in the face of ERP providers.



This Dutch based startup mainly teaches kids how to code, and it doesn’t require prerequisite knowledge for coding. BomberBot’s method of teaching has proven to be more effective as well as entertaining for young coders.

Think about all those homeless kids we come across daily that could live a happier and more productive lifestyle, only if we could build an academy that teaches them coding for free.


EastWinds Network:

As cyber crimes have risen drastically over the years, companies are also investing heavily in securing their sensitive information online. As a result, irrespective of the size, companies are now able to predetermine cyber attacks and adopt security measures beforehand.

For real-time inspection, the company has been using its best resources for executing a large number of tasks in one go.


The above are so far the most innovative startups that have been operating successfully till now. The concept of Digital Bangladesh can be possible only if we collaborate our ideas and resources.

If you also have an innovative idea for a startup, feel free to share by commenting underneath.