Content marketing mistakes you can’t afford to make!


Content marketing has gained massive popularity as businesses are promoting themselves online. For starters, I believe the guide will prevent you from making some content marketing mistakes often made by professionals too.

Google, on the other hand, is routinely tweaking its algorithms for reshuffling websites. Generally placing more informative, relevant and easier-to-read contents on first page.

Most importantly, if you are a content marketer, the following errors related to search engine optimization (SEO) can result in severe downfall to your business.


SEO tips for amazing results!
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Deceitful linking schemes:

This could be a clever method for a more popular website, but Google doesn’t approve the practice. Linking schemes can be carried out in multiple ways, through redundant link shares as well as link wheels.

Using similar keywords for anchoring, buying and link building for utilizing software and forming link farms. Google has a specific FAQ page that can trace link schemes and can identify issues.

Excessive keyword stuffing:

Keyword searching is a common practice to look for any particular answers, but keyword stuffing isn’t always going to ensure online visibility.

Google uses semantic search option instead of keyword search as it had done in the past; as a result, filling your contents with excessive keywords will decline your ranking on search engines.

Go through Google Panda algorithm.

Take care of your content:

Of course, everything that you are going to publish must be readable with a high Flesch score in order to captivate your visitors. I think there’s only a handful of individuals willing to read unless they find your contents relateable.

Non-descriptive, sketchy and unorganized writings are generally considered bad contents that may tarnish your brand. Therefore, take time for research and double check your contents before uploading your unique contents.

Remain Natural:

Hold onto your unique style and refrain from mimicking other marketers. The greatest achievement for every writer will be the moment when random visitors will leave back relevant comments underneath your blog posts.

Mistakes in content marketing are natural; hence, panicking is not an option.

Be aware:

Update or refurbish your contents, site maps and meta data routinely, which is another crucial task that influences the success rate of your website.

Otherwise, the inbound links attached are likely to affect your site’s popularity.


In short, remember the following tips every time before uploading anything new for your audiences.

  • Avoid linking schemes
  • Avoid keyword stuffing
  • Publish informative contents
  • Maintain your own unique writing style
  • Lastly, keep your content updated

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