Top 31 Craziest Content Marketing Ideas for Businesses


More than 3.5 billion searches are made using Google every day, and if you are one of those meticulous researchers with believable writing skill, then you can make some serious money.

In this article, I have shared top 31 effective content marketing ideas for businesses, regardless of their sizes.


Also, avoid these marketing mistakes at all costs during the process.

Most of these digital marketing strategies have been recommended by experts namely Gary Vaynerchuk, Neil Patel, and Heidi Cohen.

  1. Seek out one or multiple individuals that share similar ideas as yours.
  2. Writings with a high Flesch score is easier to read; as a result, it can lower the bounce rate of your website.
  3. Network with industry specialists and find out more about their interests and perception towards an event.
  4. Target your most influential readers and design your content depending on different channels they follow on social media.
  5. It would be an added plus if you are familiar with Slide Share.
  6. Put together a series of stories covering one particular incident that was not discussed before.
  7. Call-to-action must be included on every page, e.g, “Subscribe to our News Channel“.
  8. Initiate working on the paperback covering a company’s history, this, in fact, is pretty effective if you wish to serve B2B.
  9. Make sure your contents are shared WITH as well as BY your friends on social media.
  10. At least 3 employees must be hired for designing infographics, planning, and preparing more potential contents.
  11. Customer reviews can make or break whatever you are trying to sell, so encourage people to comment and share.
  12. Take surveys of your customers/followers to find out whether or not they are satisfied with your product.
  13. You might have read this far perhaps you wondered, “Maybe, after reading this I can bring more traffic to my website.”
  14. Optimize your website including the contents with meaningful imageries, tips & tricks, and uniquely written useful contents.
  15. Offer solutions to different problems with relatable stories that people generally say to themselves.
  16. One of the main reasons that have led you to this far is perhaps due to the title of this guide.
  17. Double check the Permalink before publishing a new article every
  18. Do not use copyright protected images in your contents as Google can penalize your website.
  19. If you have just initiated your blog, the best suggestion would be to publish self-help articles that people can always refer to.
  20. Examine Google Analytics at least once a week to find out more about the audiences that are visiting your blog.
  21. Acquire backlinks from authentic sources only like Reddit, Quora, Medium, Forbes, and many more.
  22. If you have linked your article with someone else’s blog, make sure you have emailed them personally and mention it.
  23. Using hashtag (#) smartly. The ideal number is five hashtags, too many of these can mislead your audiences.
  24. It’s not always about bringing people to your website, it’s also about you interacting with others’ websites; hence, leave comments.
  25. You need to give people back something relevant or useful first in order to receive something from them.
  26. Despite the high-quality contents, people may still refrain from going, which is when you should refurbish contents into ebooks.
  27.  Create and invite friends to your niche specific group(s) on social media, Facebook to be precise.
  28. Join forums online and interact with other users by helping them with reliable information.
  29. Having a mobile-optimized website is a must when the majority of the users are relying more on smartphones than computers.
  30. Stay connected with your followers by emailing them routinely on trendy news and article topics.
  31. Your website needs to support multiple languages to attract a wider range of audiences.

These are my personal favorite top 31 content marketing ideas for all business owners that wish to thrive online. Although I must tell you that the process is not easy and it took me sleepless nights to reach where I am today.

Just follow these tips from now, and I believe you’ll soon start to observe remarkable changes in a year.

If I have missed out any crucial content marketing tips, feel free to let me know in the comments below. Stay with ForgePortal for more awesome tricks to get your business started.