Rafayatul Kabir

I love traveling, reading a lot and writing ...sometimes. Technology fascinates me as it has the amazing power to cause massive disruption in the economy. Stay with #ForgePortal as we bring you the latest news on tech and innovation.

3D Printing Basics: Let’s Get to Know the Art of Additive Manufacturing


3D printing, the 21st-century manufacturing process mainly utilizing the process of additives in which layers of a specific material are compiled for building a solid object. 3D printing is open sourced; hence, it’s constantly upgrading. However, the 3D printing basics or fundamentals remain unchanged. CAD design: Generating a digital model is the first step in …

Few tips about Online Security to stay safe on the internet


Ever since the internet happened, the whole world has been transitioning into a trading zone mainly dealing with information. And if you’re concerned about keeping your personal information safe on the internet, follow these online security tips from now on. But information describing our taste, income range, sexuality and even the number of times we …