Top 5 Smartphone Apps that actually pay you money!!


Back when I landed my first real gig on the internet starting at Tk8000 for submitting 4000 words of product reviews for an Amazon affiliate program.

That’s how my path to a steady freelancing career began, real and legit job on the internet month after month.

I felt accomplished, yet skeptic at the same time thinking,

Why the hell do I even get out of my house to teach when I can just sit home and make easy money by selling copies online…?”

Now if writing isn’t something you’re comfortable doing, then these apps that pay real money can help.

Read how these 10 apps for Android can make you more productive every day. 

Storm Play:

Introducing Storm Play by CakeCodes is an interactive and fun way of earning extra cash simply by watching short videos or by performing really simple tasks that involve downloading and playing a new app on your device.

  • Don’t worry, it’s not like BlueWhale at all.


You can collect your payment using a Coinbase or Blockchain wallet.

Bitcoin Satoshi Faucet:

I bet you remember playing “Rock, Paper, Scissor!” The “Rock” beats “Scissor”, “Scissor” beats “Paper” and “Paper” beats “Rock.” So every time you win a round, you get paid.

You play the game with the Ai of this app, and it pays you everytime you win or lose.

You can also claim your reward every after 30 mins, a great faucet by Hevoparmm Corp.

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Ex – Faucets:

The concept of this app is similar to that of Storm Play as you’re simply required to claim every after 30 minutes.

Moreover, you can earn extra by solving simple equations and captchas designed by WWAE Studios.


The best part of this concept is that it lets you earn by simply listening to popular music and a website radio.

You are simply required to download a wallet depending on your OS and keep listening to for generating more money throughout. It doesn’t get any more interesting than this.

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I am telling you once again that these apps and websites will only pay after you have completed thresholds. Lastly, do not quit your day job if you’re already working somewhere.


Fronto utilizes the smartphone screen to turn it into a sophisticated advertising medium as well as a reliable source of information like Google.

All you need to do with the app is simply interact with every ad or watch videos o get paid.

Earnings aren’t lucrative; however, you can still redeem those points in exchange for cash using PayPal or even gift coupons for Amazon, Burger King, and Walmart.

You need to make at least $1 before you can cash out those saved points easily using one of these apps that pay real money!


Beware of the app’s hideous power consumption capable of draining your smartphone’s battery in as low as 40 minutes. 

Google Opinion Rewards:

Forget about all these faucets and mobile ad views as there’s Google paying users for taking short surveys in the form of Google Play or PayPal credit.

The topic lists are infinite starting from reviews on a particular brand to one of your personal favorite restaurants located in your area.

Their machine requires data to be fed so it can eventually learn to interact like an ordinary human specimen.


Dooze – alarm clock:

Waking up in the morning can sometimes turn into an ordeal process, but the latest Dooze alarm clock combined with Alexa, Braintree, and Twilio will be changing the game.

It allows you to get paid every time you successfully manage to hit the snooze button and wake up.


Once you fail to snooze the alarm, you’ll lose the money; moreover, if it takes you considerably long, Alexa will automatically notify one of your friends to call and wake you up.

iBotta Cash Back:

One of those apps that pay is restricted beyond the US boundaries, meaning it’s functional for users living in America.

It works by uploading the receipt to your latest purchases also listed in the app.

Following the upload, you will further receive a rebate ranging between $0.25 to $3 or even more depending on your usage rate.


As soon as you reach $20, you can transfer your earning directly on your PayPal in minutes.

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