10 Outstanding Apps for Android to Make You Extra Productive


In addition to high-tech smartphones, today the world is coming up with more interactive apps and disrupting the conventional trading. Think of Uber and Airbnb – the extent to which these apps have altered the course of the economy is truly remarkable. With every passing day, the world continues to slightly shift towards a more favorable situation due to more advanced technology.

The following are the 10 outstanding apps for Android users, and these are the four best apps for iPhone users.

Facial scanner to unlock your phone:Facial-Recognition-app-forgeportal

AppLock Face/Voice Recognition is quite a useful app that uses voice recognition and/or facial scanner to unlock a phone.

As a user, you can choose the right mode for unlocking your Android phone. Either facial scanner or voice recognition, whichever suits your purpose.

Avast mobile security antivirus:

You no longer have to purchase an expensive subscription for protecting your hardware against malware, adware, and even bugs when you have the Avast antivirus installed on your phone.

This app wipes off junks and other unwanted cookies off your phone; moreover, this superior antivirus app also monitors the device and simultaneously protects it from possible threats.

FoxFi – mobile hotspot:

FoxFi is a free app for Android that you can easily turn it into a Wi-Fi hotspot without incurring any additional charges.

This ingenious of an app is yet to reveal its secrets; however, many engineers have stated that it uses a VPN for cloaking activities carried out through the carrier.Mobile-Hotspot-android-forgeportal

Search and download using torrent:

If you love watching movies then download the torrent app right now on your android phone so you can download all your desired torrents while on the go.

Furthermore, the app also shows the most popular or downloaded torrents from all over the world.

Cerberus tracks your lost device:

Most of us have lost our smartphone at least once, which is why I am going to ask you to download Cerberus for free and pay only $0.499 for a full upgrade if you may want.

Besides tracking your stolen or lost device, the app also enables you to remotely sound the alarm even if it’s on silent mode.


Most importantly, it lets you delete personal files, set a new password while allowing you to entirely hide the app on your phone so that nobody finds out. Although, all of Samsung’s latest devices are equipped with a tracking feature these days.


The AirDroid app will let you manipulate your phone using your computer that might be located thousands of miles away.

AirDroid allows you to share files, images, texts, and even incoming notifications between the two devices you own through cloud networking.

SkyMap by Google:google-sky-map-forgeportal

If you often stare at the dark starry sky for watching the constellations, google’s skymap can be a pretty exciting source to learn about those stars and distant planets.

All you have to do is simply point your phone towards the starry sky and SkyMap will highlight all the present constellations.

LinkBubble Browser:

LinkBubble Browser Android app provides a brand new experience in web surfing.

The bubble app loads a new page in the background as the user can continue browsing the existing one. Once the loading finishes, simply tap on the bubble icon on your Android smartphone screen to view the newly loaded website.

This app enables you to multi-task whenever you need to get done with multiple projects at work.

LastPass remembers all your passwords:

Now, forgetting passwords is extremely common these days as we continue to rely on the Internet for storing data.lastpass-app-forgeportal

To save you from the trouble of forgetting passwords easily, I would suggest you download LastPass extension and install on the Chrome, Bing or Mozilla browser, whichever you use frequently.

Meanwhile, all you need to remember after installing the app is the password to your LastPass account so you can gain access to your other platforms without actually remembering those passwords.

Keep in mind, that it is strictly prohibited to use the same password for all accounts.

App Hoarder tells you about free apps:

If you are like me that does not want to pay for an app, then I believe you are also going to love App Hoarder.

This basically tracks all the paid apps and notifies you immediately if any apps for Android are made freely available on the Play Store.

In this way, you get to use more exciting apps for Android without actually paying for any. Also, check out few of these apps that really pay you in cryptocurrencies like BitCoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

I hope you have found this article useful, and in case if I have missed out any other apps made for Android, then please mention its name on the comments below. Stay with ForgePortal for more exciting news on smartphone apps meant for hiking your productivity.