Another startup idea likely to thrive in a sharing economy like Bangladesh


Ideas could be endless, and many ideas (obviously the good ones) can make Bangladesh more livable for us.

Due to the emergence of startup culture in our country, I am writing this post in order to attract potential investors for seed funding the idea for a shared economy like Bangladesh.


Main concept of the startup

Wonder is a London-based company and perfectly suitable for a shared economy in which people can borrow instead of purchasing expensive gadgets.

I believe the startup concept of Wonder is similar to Pathao, which has already thrived ever since Digital Bangladesh.

As the world market is slowly evolving and there is a drastic rise in the number of smart gadgets, Wonder enables its customers to rent tech gadgets; just like the way we rented DVD’s until Torrent came up.

Without waiting for countless hours in queues and get your hands on the trophy, Wonder delivers the products right on the doorstep!


The initiators of the idea:


The CEO Alex Berezovsky, a tech enthusiast was asked about how Wonder operates. To that he replied,

At some point it just got expensive. We also realized our friends would often come and ask if we had a spare something. That was the moment it hit us that we could just rent it out.

He had previously worked in product studios that always taught him to never cease to learn.

Alex continued,

It’s pretty much like Airbnb, where owners can share their stuff and we then put it up. We deal with pick up and delivery, and we make sure to insure every rental and keep the products safe. The key idea is to share what you love the most about that product.

For example, if you own a PlayStation VR headset, you may have some favorite games or apps you’d like people to try. For us, it’s not just about renting things, it’s about the whole experience.

How Wonder secures itself against the risks?

As users of rented gadgets, it is the responsibility of users to use them like their own without damaging it.


And even if anyone damages an item, Wonder may consider legal action as per the contract every user signs up before renting them.

Yet Alex Berezovskiy believes,

With so much stuff going on, it’s hard to stay up to date, and most of it is just in the media — people don’t have a chance to get their hands on it. We hope this will inspire them to try other things and generally explore what’s going on.


Will the idea thrive in a shared economy like Bangladesh?


The answer to this question is, “Yes, the idea will definitely succeed in Bangladesh.”
Why? mainly because a few people can connect with banks for buying a MacBook in installment.

Having a startup like Wonder in Bangladesh, people are likely to avoid complicated procedures and opt for convenience while purchasing expensive items.

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