5 Practices for converting your web traffic to buyers


Social media can be addictive, and may oftentimes lead to depression. However, it is also an open playground for businesses looking to make more profits!

But only authentic and intriguing contents have the ability to turn your website traffic into buyers recurringly.

Oftentimes these continuous and frequent posts can become too overwhelming for users and they eventually scroll down while occasionally tapping “Like” during the process.

Reliability factor:

The first step is about proving yourself to be a reliable business that customers can count on. As a result, customers are likely to let you access their credit card number in full confidence before purchasing anything from your website.

With an enormous number of followers on your list, they are likely to share your already shared contents. More shares, more website traffic into buyers; hence, more money!

No, I am not “Connecting People”

Buzzsumo assists in locating the likely influencers living in your zone. Connect with them personally who will be sharing your business page with others.

Your followers must find a reason to visit your site:

Pictorial contents and infographics improve the possibility for retweets at a remarkable rate!

Let your visitors find out more about your website by themselves.

Apply the Iceberg Theory; hence, try to improve the engagement level in your web contents for attracting more web traffic. As a result, a game like “Flappy Bird” could perfectly serve your purpose.

Why have you clicked on my link?

Let me recall…

Hey, don’t get me wrong, but this is a privilege for me if you’re still reading this. So… exactly what motivated you to click on this link in the first place?

Does the title imply a common question every website owner has?

The title of your content is the first thing followers notice to make them click.

Craft your title in a manner that triggers attention, which must be unique at the same time.

Content quality will naturally entice your visitors more and legitimacy will guarantee return customers who may also commit repeat purchase.

Visitors will find new sources that will fascinate them

Never leave a corner unturned

It is common for visitors that will eventually come across newer sources of information and will no longer be following your page, so refrain from growing personal attachment.

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Therefore, it’s best to not get upset about it and start being more creative with your posts. Attach giving away offers and inform your old users about them through your emails. Moreover, informative and exclusive e-books will further assist in growing your customer base.

Image source: Haklu