4 Most downloaded iOS apps of the year!


This post is specifically meant for iOS users after Apple has announced its 4 most downloaded apps of the year.

Check out some really cool tricks of the latest iPhone X!

Affinity Photo:


The app is another version of Photoshop for iPad and I think it’s pretty cool. I purchased it and could easily transfer all my photos from Files app on iPad as well as from Photos app.

The app offers more than you will ever need for photo editing and be adding layers using the right tools.

One could easily crop pictures and edit contrast, exposure, and brightness with just a few taps. The app costs $9.99.



Just as the name says, the app helps you to relax with a serene interface with soothing sounds of birds chirping and waterflow.

You can choose from a large variety of exercises in this app for lowering the anxiety level.

My personal favorite exercise guides me through a deep breathing exercise while playing a calming sound while using the application.

The app is free to download; however, there are in-app purchases starting from $9.99 to $59.99.

iTunes U:


In my experience, iTunes U is a brilliant source for anybody who’s learning to code.

Comprising 3 most popular courses that also includes app development using Swift.

The list of popular courses has added in-depth language on music and the emotions it can stir among users, management of personal finance, including machine learning.

The best part is that the app works as a platform for both instructors and learners, and it’s free to download.

Motion Stills:


With this wonderful free app, you will be able to turn your live photos into GIFs.

It has proven to be quite useful for photographers as they can transfer live photos from non-6S devices, and you can always toggle watermark from settings within the app.

While you’re stuck in traffic you could always use your iPhone for capturing outside images to make funny and meaningful GIFs.


These are the most downloaded iOS apps for free as well as in-app purchases for a few.

However, if you think I have missed out anything useful, feel free to add in the comment.

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