3D Printing: A brief informational guide for investors


As we are evolving, we are also innovating our lifestyles for more comfort through technology. 3D Printing is the current breakthrough in technology, so let’s find out its potential.

I believe the potential of 3D printing is enormous, starting from healthcare and medicine to architecture and warfare.

3D Printer is an open source technology, meaning you could add more to it. Find out about its fundamentals from here.

The possible growth rate of 3D Printers:

3D printing industry will reach $10bn (approx.) by 2020. Keep in mind that stock prices are likely to be receptive after the IPO.

Existing entrepreneurs have claimed to have made enough profits by reselling shares of 3D Systems in 2014.

Few portions of their profit were reinvested into multiple sectors after only 15 months of wait.

If this is truly the case, any ordinary 3D printing business will take roughly 3 months for reaching its breakeven! I am not a fortune teller, but my experience has honed my ability for predetermining demand in the market.

Current market leaders in the industry:

3D Systems Corporation is currently considered to be the pioneer in both industrial and consumer 3D printing.


Offering various forms of services as well as educating the mass regarding its potential. Its stock valuation of the hiked in 2015.

Carry out extensive research on newer technologies as well as avoid buying shares of companies that are serving limited demands.

It is wise to risk money into entities offering a long list of product lines.

Who else gets benefitted?

Improved stock prices not only benefit the printer manufacturers but also software developers. Moreover, 3D printers can solve all the likely issues resulting from over-accumulation of plastic.

Filastruder enables you to make 3D printing filament from plastic

3D Printer Filament makers like FabLab, Zortrax, and Sunlou are thriving at remarkable rates. Each of these manufacturers is adding newer types of filaments for stepping up in this game.

When is the right time to invest?

The possibility for the rise in stock valuation after 3 years is solid, especially due to further R&D in science and engineering. Positive changes imply improved stock prices; hence, less competition with lucrative ROI.

3D Printing has impacted us profoundly, as it allows us to make anything out of imagination.

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