3D Printing Basics: Let’s Get to Know the Art of Additive Manufacturing


3D printing, the 21st-century manufacturing process mainly utilizing the process of additives in which layers of a specific material are compiled for building a solid object.

3D printing is open sourced; hence, it’s constantly upgrading. However, the 3D printing basics or fundamentals remain unchanged.

CAD design:

Generating a digital model is the first step in this additive manufacturing process, a common practice for computer-aided design (CAD).

You can always choose from the following list of computer-aided designing tools to create a 3D model of your desire.

Finding a designer:

However, while designing a 3D model takes away time off your valuable schedule, then find someone reliable that can work it out for you.


Free designs online for anything you want to print:

If you don’t have a 3D file (STL), a website like Thingiverse is the place to look for more 3D printing basics.

3D Crafters is the only online retailer for 3D printed gift items or miniature architectural models in Bangladesh.

Therefore, download the STL of your desired object for feeding it into a 3D printer so that it could literally transform the file into a tangible object.


Either buy your own printer or acquire a service:

Once your 3D STL file is ready, the next step is to print. You have the option to print or outsource the task to a third party that owns a 3D printer.

The related consequences of both the options are given below to assist you making the right choice:

Purchase your own printer if…  

Outsource the task if…



Print objects on a regular basis


You’ve limited knowledge about 3D printing



You have your personal ideas to print


Printing using different technologies and filament materials


Prepared to make a substantial amount of investment


You’re interested to have access to all the latest technologies from the start


You have got the hobby to tinker with machines


You’d prefer to allocate your time for designing and perfecting a 3D model

The removal process:

The removal process in few additive manufacturing is simple; whereas, the industrial 3D printing method could be complex while the object still remains attached to the bed.

Post processing:

To get rid of any rough surface(s), sanding a portion could help. Or if you have acetone in stock, drip a few drops on an object for smoothening the surface.

Amazon is the best source for 3D printers.

Which will be the best printer for you?

Yes, the number one question on the list of the FAQ; hence, we have collected more than 8000 reviews from certified 3D printer owners with more than 4000 hours of experience collectively.

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