3D printing for Architects: Designing your desired model with 3D Printer

If you have wondered how a 3D printer can benefit architects, then read along to find out its remarkable potentials in the academic sector, particularly in architecture.

Learn about 3D Printing basics and the necessary steps for printing a 3D model.


3D printing saves time for architects, a lot!

I am sure every architect (students) go through enormous hassle every semester for designing the perfect 3D model for passing a course successfully.

Things usually get messier when a building model does not get approved by the faculty due to various imperfections in the miniature models.

Ensures more available time for studies:

Needless to say that academic pressure could be excruciating; on top of that, a perfect model could take away the time you could have had allocated for studies.

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All you simply need to do is design the 3D model of your desired object using software such as 3Ds Max or AutoCAD and forward it to 3D Crafters!

Extra added services:

Even if you don’t have enough time for designing a 3D model, you can either hire someone with skills in AutoCAD or simply inbox us via our website or facebook page.

Some of our 3D printed models:

Image may contain: indoor

It takes only seven days to complete a print successfully.

That’s right, instead of waiting for months, Forgedimension guarantees to deliver your 3D printed object in just 7 days unless the (.stl) file isn’t corrupted.

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3D printed architectural models are highly defined. 

You can choose from a large variety of colors and materials:

Image may contain: food and indoor

Filaments of wide ranges of colors are available for you to choose from!

Furthermore, there are different filament materials starting from

wood, carbon fiber, flexible filament, glow in the dark filament! 

Lastly, when an architect could get done with a significant aspect of his academic career in just seven days, then why waste time behind a less reliable and slower process?

Get your order printed now from ForgePortal and stay with us always!

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