3D Crafters


Place the order of 3D prints on 3D Crafters and give us seven working days to complete your desired print(s).

3D printing concept is relatively new for Bangladesh; therefore, you can learn more about it in details here. However, it’s better to keep in mind that we strictly refrain from printing ammunition and human architecture.

Unless you’re completely confused about what to print, then I suggest taking a look at (www.thingiverse.com) will greatly assist in making up your mind!

In order to receive the perfect 3D printed objects, you will need to give us time to ensure the 3D model of an object is valid; the more precise a file is the better the printout.

ForgePortal will be soon affiliated with 3D Hubs; hence, it will further facilitate the process of staying connected with the current 3D printing community worldwide.

3D Crafters is a sister concern of ForgePortal; therefore, do not forget to Like us on Facebook! We have been constantly working to build a 3D printing community in Bangladesh.