10 secret features of Android phones you probably didn’t know of.


Did you know that the Android phone you’re holding right now is loaded with functionalities about which people aren’t generally aware of?

So, continue reading to find out how 10 secret features of Android phones.

These secret features can be activated from the “Settings” option, and the steps are similar in all the latest versions of smartphones currently available.

Find out about the right ways of handling a smartphone for as long as possible without breaking it.

An effective way to cut down on smartphone addiction

I believe we waste a lot of time everyday hours after hours scrolling down aimlessly on social media like the Facebook.


Apart from the addiction caused due to the social media influence, it can also damage our eyesight.

Oftentimes I have woken up in the morning after eight hours of sleep but my eyes still felt heavy. The reason unknown until I came across with this post by Business Insider.

If you have been looking for apps on the Play Store to help you cut down the addiction, switching on “Monochromacy” from “Simulate color space” option might save some space on your phone memory.

Secondly, it will lessen the strain on your eyes caused due to the brightness of the screen.

Android Hidden Features (5)

• Settings > Developer options > Simulate color space > Monochromacy

Switch on “Text-to-speech” whenever you’re too tired to read

Besides reading with your smartphone you can also listen to everything written here using the “text-to-speech” functionality of the latest Androids.

Simply follow the steps for switching on your Android’s reading feature.

• Settings > Accessibility > Text-to-Speech

Save more data

All Android phones initiate various tasks in the background right after starting up (syncing data, installing updates, etc).

Such tasks are crucial too; however, your phone must be able to realize the appropriate time for carrying out those tasks, in case you’ve limited data available.

Android Hidden Features (7)

• Settings > Data Usage > Restrict app background data

Once restricted, the background activities will stop if your phone uses mobile data. But worry not as such activities will resume only when you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Wi-Fi hotspot mode

This feature in Android phones has proven to be amazingly useful for connecting multiple devices to the internet at the same time; therefore, a new router or a modem becomes unnecessary.


• Settings > Tethering and portable hotspot > Portable WLAN hotspot

Storing a Web page in PDF

This feature could be really handy during research using Chrome browser, which is increasingly becoming popular among the internet users.

At times you may have to work without the internet connection; hence, by saving the necessary web pages in PDF format beforehand can be timesaving.

Android Hidden Features (10)

• Share > Print > Save the webpage as PDF

Browsing an entire file directory

There are numerous apps on the Play Store for free that enable users to see each and every file stored on the phone’s memory, but what if your phone is already low on space needed for storing a new app?

How to solve this?

Open Chrome browser and type: file:///sdcard/ in the address bar.

Contents on your phone, both old and new will subsequently list down in index form.

Android Hidden Features (24)

Press the power button for disconnecting phone calls

It’s pretty common to keep a thumb placed on the power button of your phone while speaking into it.

As a result, setting the power button also for disconnecting phone calls could be the most sensible feature, especially when there’s something captivating happening on TV and you can’t take your eyes off.

• Settings > Accessibility > Power button ends call (ON)

OK Google

The mic button on Google search bar can be really useful for online searches, adding reminder related to important events or even setting alarm, the list goes on and on.

Most importantly, everything you type/read on a smartphone can also be done by speaking to it.

Android Hidden Features (15)

For activating the hands-free feature on your Android, just say “Ok Google”, and it will wake up to take heed of your voice command.

Finding a lost phone

The easiest method for locating a lost Android phone is by using the Google Device Manager option.

Tap on the option and log in with the exact ID number used to configure your lost device.

Apart from pinpointing the exact location of your smartphone, the device manager can also make your phone ring or erase its memory completely!

Activate the Guest mode

Before handing your phone over to a different person, you could activate the Guest Mode option to keep your personal data away from prying eyes.

Just swipe down the notifications bar with two fingers and tap the user icon located in the upper right corner of the screen.

Image result for guest mode on android

Select “Add Guest” icon, and it gives you the freedom to choose the exact actions a new user will be allowed to do with your phone.

I hope the post has been adequately informative and useful. So, feel free to include more interesting features in the comments below. Stay with ForgePortal for more valuable information on Tech and Innovation.

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